FAQs for anything and everything you need to know about 7M Discovery

If you have any questions, just drop us a line here, and the right person will get back to you asap.

Frequently asked questions

Who are 7th Minute?

A contextual data company providing access to TV data and insights.

What is a mention?

A mention is whenever a word has been said on TV. This includes TV ads and TV programmes. 

How can I use the data?

Take a look at our homepage for some use cases. If you would like some personalised recommendations, send us an email and our customer success team will be in touch. 

Can I download the data? 

Not yet, but it’s something we’re looking into!

I’m a broadcaster; what can I do?

You’re sitting on a wealth of TV data! We can support you in capturing, processing and analysing this information to open up new monetisation opportunities. Get in touch. 

Where does the data come from?

We currently process the top 25 channels on linear TV, with more on the way. 

How much is it?

You will always be able to make a search on 7M Discovery for free. If you want to view up to a year's worth of data and access advanced insights, 7M Pro is £99excl. VAT, per month. You can cancel anytime.  

I can’t find my brand or another term

Sorry to hear that! Send us an email at hello@7thminute.com with the term you cant see and we’ll be in touch with a solution. 

What’s on the roadmap?

We have lots planned, with regular releases coming throughout Q4. Next up is the ability to save a term and real-time alerts. Sentiment analysis and audience insights are coming soon. Register to be the first to hear when they land.

Why are you called 7th Minute? 

Did you know, public broadcasting channels are limited to an average of 7 minutes of advertising an hour across the day?

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