Improve ad yield with relevant, contextual targeting on TV.

Segment and categorise your programme transcripts to unlock the value of their linguistic content with 7th Minute.
Advertising on TV

Gain clarity on your content with contextual TV segments

Build a complete profile of the language, topics and sentiment within your programmes. Find new opportunities by enabling more targeting options for advertisers.

Advanced Targeting

Identify every relevant moment within a programme using sentence-by-sentence content analysis.

Increased Relevancy

Allow advertisers to target the audience at the right moment, with the right message.

Improved Engagement

Offer more targetted and effective ad campaigns to grow advertiser trust and loyalty.

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Ensure brand safety while expanding relevant inventory for advertisers.

Build standardised segments that allow advertisers to find moments that align closely with their brand, without over-reliance on the usual programmes.

Identify premium ad opportunities by understanding when the most relevant moments happen within an episode.
Empower advertisers to reach primed audiences across a wider range of content.
Automated, efficient and detailed content segmentation that reduces the risk of accidental association with negative programming.

Categorise your programming content in three steps

7th Minute are leaders in processing, analysing, and segmenting TV programme transcripts. Topic segments align with The IAB's content taxonomy 3.0 to standardise opportunities for increased relevancy in advertising

Data Processing

Programming transcripts are captured and processed using 7th Minute’s NLP technology.

Language Analysis

Sentence-by sentence analysis of the transcripts is completed, providing entity, topic and sentiment labels.

Segmentation & Delivery

Data is segmented by topic and delivered in a structured format that can be combined with existing datasets.

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