What is a brand mention on TV?

Sydney Vieira

Many businesses leverage data from market analysis to inform their marketing strategies. Brand mentions are among the most accurate – and abundant – types of data a business could have. They give you an insight into what people think about your brand or product in its original context. 

Read on to learn more about how monitoring brand mentions can benefit your brand. Furthermore, we look at how 7th Minute can help you make the most of your TV data.

What is a brand mention?

Brand mentions are references to a service, product, or brand in the media. Mentions can appear on several platforms, such as news articles, blog posts, social media platforms, product reviews, TV programmes, radio and many more.

Traditional broadcasting, such as radio and TV, plays a huge role in advertising and influencing public awareness of brands and products. Even digital giants such as Netflix, Google and Facebook invest a large chunk of their marketing budget in TV advertising.

Brand mentions on TV, however, are much more difficult to capture than online brand mentions. Software such as 7M Discovery can help you determine whether a mention happened in a TV ad or a programme and provides many more contextual details. Businesses need to be able to unpack TV data to understand how people perceive their brand or product fully.

The following section examines the benefits of capturing brand mentions from TV data. Since they affect your brand's reputation, monitoring them is essential. Furthermore, brand mentions will provide valuable insights regarding your brand, informing future marketing strategies.

What are the benefits of brand mentions on TV?

TV brand mentions help companies understand their reputation. By tracking brand mentions, companies can identify what they do well and what areas need improvement.

Businesses can benefit from brand mentions in the following ways:

Brand awareness and visibility

Consistent and effective customer messaging largely relies on brand mentions and representation on the right platforms. Suppose your brand is easily recognised and has a reputation for having a quality product or brand. In that case, more people will be inclined to pick your solutions and services. 

People prefer familiarity and often choose well-represented and popular brands. 

TV has access to a large audience and offers a huge opportunity to make your brand reach a large population and become more familiar and recognisable. Brand mentions in TV ads and programmes are one of the most effective ways of increasing brand awareness and visibility.

Focused marketing efforts

Monitoring brand mentions let you better understand when and where your audience interacts with your products and services. These valuable insights will identify what needs changing or improving to serve your audience better and inform your future marketing strategies. You will also be able to determine when your brand is being recognised on TV and capitalise on opportunities, as well as respond to negative mentions. Gaining a deep understanding of how your brand is seen and received will enable you to refine your brand's character and personality.

Increased brand reputation and trust

A significant benefit of brand mentions is that they boost your reputation through media. Creating a loyal customer base starts with engaging with positive mentions and building a relationship with your customers. With time, rust in your brand will then evolve into increased visibility and awareness.

Brand mentions can also help evidence your position as a leader in your field. They allow you to build authority and trustworthiness, making you a reputable source of business for those seeking your services or products. Reputation and trust go a long way in business and help you maintain a loyal customer base.

Supports revenue growth

An excellent reputation will lead to an improved bottom line, as people prefer quality products recommended by others. Moreover, people will more likely choose a product or service with a good reputation over competitors.

Customer-centric product development

Brand mentions offer enormous data and insight into customer opinions and expectations. Brands can then use this information to refine their products, messaging, and services to better serve their customers.

Enables brand monitoring and benchmarking

For businesses to stay relevant, they must have a process to monitor their brand performance. Insights gained from brand mentions are one of the best sources of nuanced information about a brand, allowing you to benchmark its activity.

The availability of such contextual data has a strategic impact on decision-making for every business. Monitoring brand mentions is crucial in planning marketing campaigns and conducting competitive analysis.

Access to high-quality contextual data from brand mentions will enable your brand to stay on top of trends and remain relevant in competitive markets.

How can 7th Minute help you benefit from brand mentions on TV?

It's still difficult to get TV data in one place. At 7th Minute, we make this data accessible and searchable so brands can find when they've been mentioned. We are a data business that helps create brand value through contextual data. Our technology enables businesses to understand TV data from mentions and use the gained insights to develop their brand.

7M Discovery is an easy-to-use self-service software that enables you to do unlimited searches. With its help, you can understand when people talk about your brand and the context in which the mention took place. It's an advanced analytics tool designed to search, compare, and monitor organic and paid TV mentions.

7M Discovery will equip you with a deep understanding of how your customers see your brand, allowing you to make confident business decisions in the future.

Key Takeaways 

TV mentions provide invaluable information to your business about your customer's perception of your brand and product. Monitoring mentions is essential to truly understand your customers and brand, allowing you to build better marketing strategies.

With 7M Discovery, you are well-equipped to uncover TV mentions related to your brand and take your business to the next level.

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