Analyze your competitor's ad spend with competitive advertising intelligence

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7M Discovery is a powerful tool that can give you a competitive edge. Our platform allows you to easily filter for ad mentions of competitor brands, giving you valuable insights into their advertising strategies. With 7M Discovery, you can understand where, when, and how often your competitors are advertising, allowing you to stay one step ahead. Plus, our user-friendly interface gives you quick access to the audiences your competitors are targeting, providing you with valuable insights.

Use ​​advertising intelligence to be one step in front of the competition

With 7M Discovery, you can quickly and easily access all of your competitors' campaigns:

  • Search for your competitor's brands and use the ad filter to instantly access their ads
  • Use the multi-term comparative search feature to compare competitors' ads to each other or to your own
  • Uncover trends in advertising and discover new opportunities with this powerful tool.

Key features of competitive ad reporting

Optimize ad spending and budget

  • Use TV insights to justify your ad budget and stay competitive
  • Use competitor insights to adjust your own strategy or push for a bigger ad budget

Spy the competitor's ads

  • Search for competitor brands or products and use the ad filter to see when they've been mentioned during an ad break
  • Easily find when and where your competitors' TV ad campaigns have run

Build a strategy

  • Use competitor TV insights to support your marketing strategy
  • Promote new products based on competitor advertising, explain changes in account performance, or find new audiences to target


  • Get instant access to competitor insights to create a better picture of their activity
  • Stop relying on guesswork and know what's going on in the world of TV, a channel with massive scale and reach

Use cases

  • Advertisers: Stay informed about what your competitors are doing and make strategic decisions about your own TV advertising efforts.
  • Agencies: Track competitors' TV activity to make data-driven decisions about your clients' advertising budgets. Differentiate your agency from the competition and position your agency as a valuable partner in their success.
  • Broadcasters: Improve ad targeting and increase revenue by offering more targeted advertising opportunities based on programming content and topics.

Get TV insights in less than 60 seconds

Access show-level contextual data for programming across the top UK channels and find when relevant mentions are happening on TV.

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