Analyse competitor brand mentions on TV

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Gain insight into how many times and when your competitors are mentioned on TV

How TV competitor analysis works on 7M Discovery

With 7M Discovery you can search for mentions of your competitor’s brands and products on TV.


  • Use the search bar to enter brand or product terms you're interested in


  • Use the date filter to choose your desired lookback window
    Select a longer timeframe to view trends
    Search for the past week to have an up-to-date view on your competitor's activity
  • Use the channel filter to search for mentions on a specific channel



  • Use the ad and programme filter to split mentions between ad breaks and TV programmes.


  • Use the multi-term comparative search function to add and compare your own brand or product mentions to those of your competitors

The features that shine a light on your TV competition

Ad & Programme Filter:

  • See which competitor mentions happen during ad breaks (paid) or TV programming (organic) content
  • Use the ad filter to analyze competitor campaign strategies
  • Use the programme filter to see when and where competitors are being talked about on TV

Mentions over time

  • See how competitor mentions trend over time
  • Analyze seasonal and advertising patterns to plan effectively

Hour of day 

  • See when competitors are most likely to be mentioned
  • Use this information to decide when to target their audiences

Channel & Programme

  • Understand the type of content on which competitors are advertising or being mentioned
  • Learn about the audiences they are trying to reach and find new opportunities for your brand

Download report

  • Download reports to share with your team or include in your next report

Use cases:

TV data can be a valuable tool in completing your competitor profile. With competitor insights, you can better support your planning, reporting, and content creation. Some specific use cases include:

  • Justifying ad budgets through competitor benchmarking
  • Creating content for trending products based on competitor mentions
  • Finding new audiences to target through competitor conquesting

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