We're a data business obsessed with extracting value from every spoken word on TV

Our mission is to create value for Brands and Broadcasters through advanced and effective contextual TV data.

4M with a visual glitch
+ words captured every single day.
600 with a visual glitch
+ hours of TV content captured every single day.
6k with a visual glitch
TV adverts captured every single day.

The 7th Minute Story

TV data has always felt like a bit of a mystery.

7th Minute was born out of the frustration felt by our client's inability to access, analyse and action TV data in the same way they could for other channels.

We believe that TV data's untapped value should be accessible to all. So we evolved our existing technology into a self-service offering that allows brands big and small to search, analyse and uncover the full context behind every spoken word on TV.

Today, our technology enables brands to develop an understanding of TV data, with unique insights they can use to discover when people talk about their brand, product and industry on TV.

We're a fast-growing business with ambitious growth targets over the coming years, and we're super excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Our team is made up of driven, ambitious, and talented individuals, and we welcome like-minded people who wish to become part of our success story.

Our Culture & Values

We’re a small but dedicated team who are passionate about TV, data, and bringing value to our clients. Our values are shown by what we do, how we do it and how we work together.

Ownership - We trust each other to do our best work and deliver the promised results. Each team member is empowered to own their responsibilities, and we keep each other accountable through clear goals and regular check-ins.

Collaboration - We believe in going further, together, and collaboration is at the core of how we achieve this.We listen to each other and leverage our different strengths to build a better business.

Focus - We’re aligned on our mission and use it to guide everything that we do. As a product led business we’re committed to moving the business forward through consistent improvements and innovations.

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Senior Backend Engineer
7th Minute is looking for a senior backend engineer with strong software and cloud engineering skills.

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